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Sandalwood Forest Cultural Center 22nd store Grand Opening!

Date:2016-04-15    Source:

Sandalwood Forest Cultural Center 22nd store which located at Buji Wenbo Palace Shenzhen Grand Opening was successfully held. Many guests from all walks of life attend and witness this cheerful event! Sandalwood Forest Cultural Center 23rd store is owned by Madam Zhang Qingling, Mr Wang Yifei, and Madam Wenjixiu. Opening Ceremony hosted by Sandalwood Forest CFO Mr Chang Tek Chew and Deputy Marketing Director Mr Chen Yinan.

Sandalwood Forest Cultural Center 21st store is owned by Madam Liu Lifeng, Madam Shi Yan and Mr Wang Yifei. Sandalwood Forest promote sandalwood cultural heritage mission by combining cultivation, development, sales in marketing, and apply in religion and lifestyle. For upgrading quality and balancing lifestyle, customer can use exquisite appliances bearing elegance of traditional culture; create a pleasant and comfortable emotion. Through O+O consumer platform, and also support from all walks of life, sandalwood industry become very potential in market. Since Sandalwood Festival from 2012-2015 were successfully held, Sandalwood Forest brand name become well-known.


In April this year, Sandalwood Forest successfully passed the approval of listing at APOTC Market, (Code: D10067). Over these past 5 years, we develop from the largest Sandalwood planation farm in China to China’s first botanical garden of rare sandalwood theme, China’s first sandalwood cultural center, China’s first Sandalwood cultural theme hotel, the first who won ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification in this industry. We are also the only company binding international capital and advanced financial concepts and build a successful sandalwood planting, production, processing, research and development, culture, tourism, and sales of the full integration of sandalwood brand chain business model.


22nd store is fifth store in Shenzhen. So far, besides of Guangdong Province, we also have brand store in Zhejiang, Guilin and Nanning Guangxi, Nantong Jiangsu, Jiangxi and etc. We are going to have our next store in Futian, Nanshan, Yantian area in Shenzhen. We welcome incense lover join us in learning. We believe sandalwood cultural heritage will be promoted to worldwide.




Once again congrats to Madam Zhang Qingling, Mr Wang Yifei, and Madam Wenjixiu, the greatest leaders in marketing.

Sandalwood Forest Cultural Center 22nd store (Shenzhen Buji Branch)

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